Club Meeting 10/21/13

Icebreaker/Introductions: What was your Rose, Thorn, and Bud this past week



o   Keith Wann

§  Watched video

§  A comedian and performer through ASL

§  Either coming late this semester or next semester

o   We are checking to see if local businesses or radio stations would be interested in donating or helping us get donations.

o   UVM’s Kevin Richmond (ASL teacher) is offering to have an event where ASL Club can have a donation box at the entrance

o   Selling ASL Club shirts

§  If anyone is interested in spearheading a committee for t-shirts, let us know!



o   First Signing Dinner November 1 at 6:00 at RiRa’s!

o   Hands of Grace Church is putting on a Thanksgiving dinner for free

o   Viewing of the movie Lake Windfall sometime in early November

o   Kevin Richmond presentation-mid November, more info to come


A Piece of Deaf Culture

o   Question: How should one communicate with an interpreter

o   Key Answer points:

§  Discuss subject-related signs with the interpreter before speaking to audience. For example, if you will be using a lot of science-related terms, discuss these terms beforehand so the interpreter will know how to relay the information

§  When talking, look at your audience, not the interpreter.

§  Allow the interpreter time to catch up when discussion goes from one person to another


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