Club Meeting 9/21/13

September 22, 2013
ASL Club Meeting #1 Minutes

Hello, Welcome…

Officer Introductions

Member Introductions: Name, signing experience, and one thing you would like to see the club do

Practice Signing
Get to know each other
Deaf culture
Applying and learning
Fewer meetings
How to become part of Deaf Culture

Game: Tree cutting

Possible Events/Fundraising:
Keith Wann- people like the idea
Dinner downtown- very popular response
Apple picking, hiking, camping
Gallaudet- preferred over NTID and would prefer a long weekend compared to Spring Break

Talent show
Donation boxes
Smaller events to raise money for bigger ones (like Keith Wann or Gallaudet)
Halloween party
Carving pumpkins and selling them
Selling candy bars/candy grams

Members seem to prefer having activities over meetings and like the idea of short term activities (like apple picking) on a regular basis and longer activities planned for once a month or so.

Members are excited about VTAD events and definitely want to be kept up to date with what is going on.

Wrap Up/Questions

Listserv Additions?


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