Officer Meeting 9/6/13

ASL Officer Meeting:

September 6


• Picnic Agenda/supplies



• Meeting Doodle

• Meeting Agenda

• Fundraising/Events- make committees

• Gallaudet or RIT?

o Interpreter?

o Intro to Club

o Activities? Questions about Deaf culture?

o Games

o Snacks: chips, pretzels, candy, pizza!!

o Check classes

o Monday 6 or 7?

o Sarah after new member

o Update on the state of the club

o Once a month Deaf presenter

o Deaf culture spot

o Deaf current events

o Games?

o $4.00 shirts different shirts, jacket

o Party

o Pizza

o 5K marathon

o Apple/pumpkin picking

o Post flyers in dorms, give to RA’s

o Hayley talk with program bored

o Meghan talks with ACCESS

o Sponsorship

o Long Weekend

o Road trip

o Deaf communities

o Museums

**find sponsorship


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